Are you ready to be more successful?

In life, you want to be a success. However, there are lots of rules to the game and some are very complicated for inexperienced players. We have the instructions and know the rules. With our assistance, you will no longer be a novice but rather a veteran. If you feel stressed about this next move in your financial life and are looking for someone to be your partner, we will gladly accept the challenge.

For the majority of us, life requires that you work and make money; fortunately, Karlin, Kerschner, Sharpe and Company, LLP (KKS) provides services to help with your business and individual financial needs. KKS can assist you with setting up your business, organizing finances, preparing financial statements and tax returns, and providing tax planning. We also offer review of estate plans and preparation of estate and trust tax returns. Our services are available to individuals, businesses, trusts, and estates. You need an experienced partner who has been playing the game for years. KKS understands that personal and business accounting can be difficult. With over 2,000 forms, schedules, instructions, and publications on the IRS website, KKS is your set of “game instructions” to help guide you.

Competent accounting and consulting services means the difference between success and failure for a business; in life, there aren’t many do-overs. KKS believes that consistent attention to financial records is vital to the overall condition of the business or individual. We are here to assist you in your day-to-day operations and encourage our clients to ask questions.

Are you ready?


Key Points to Consider

  • A good tax expert should save the company money over and above his/her fees. Don’t underestimate the importance of having  a professional look at your statements and business performance.
  • In successful relationships, the accountant is a trusted business advisor.
  • Be comfortable with the firm’s culture and time dedicated to service your business in a prompt manner.  Clear communication, even with negative news or advice, is essential.
  • KKS helps entrepreneurs who are starting businesses.
  • KKS helps not-for-profit organizations with their tax and financial needs.
  • KKS meets the client’s needs, listens to what the client is asking for, and gives them personal attention.